Android - Runkeeper

Finally got around to testing out the Android Runkeeper app this morning during a run. It’s been a while since we’d done any cardio, and we definitely felt it, but it was nice being outside instead of on a treadmill in a 100 degree room. Runkeeper’s feature set is pretty impressive. The tracking is really cool.

Runkeeper Interface

Runkeeper’s web interface allows you to export the map to a GPX file and import into Google Maps. This is nice because I also use Android MyTracks for hiking and more recreational purposes, which uploads directly to Google Maps. I like having all my maps in one location. The Street Team feature allows you to add running buddies, which is great for Jorden and myself.

The Android app itself is clean and intuitive. The fitness training feature is convenient if you don’t mind some lady yelling at you. It’s motivating…

One of the few things that I do wish it had, was music integration, but a work around is to start up your music app of choice, and then start up Runkeeper.

Overall, Runkeeper makes running that much less sucky by adding interesting statistics and social aspects to your cardio routine. I’m looking forward to using it more in the future.