Why I Still Prefer Twitter...

Google+ recently had a major redesign, adding a user-defined nav, new hangouts page, Facebook’ish profile photo (meh), and a grundle of other features. For the most part, I’ve been more than happy with the changes, even with the #whitespace… but why do I keep going back to Twitter?

Twitter is extremely useful if used correctly, and in my opinion, serves a different purpose than Google+. I see Twitter as an aggregate of article headlines. If I’m interested in a tweet, I’ll usually end up clicking the link and finish reading the article on the tweeter’s blog, site, or Google+ profile. It’s much easier to browse 140 character snippets of text, than to read through entire articles to get the gist of what the article is trying to tell me. Call me lazy, but it’s true. That’s why newspapers have headlines.

If Google+ had this same kind of functionality, I’d probably drop Twitter.