I’m a hoarder.



Probably not… but I get warm fuzzies knowing that the leather hacky sack tutorial I’ll never look at again is safe and sound.

Occasionally, I do come across more important articles that I’ve referenced multiple times. I’ve used Evernote for years now to keep track of all of my web snippets. It’s great at what it does (check it out if you haven’t yet), but lately, I’ve been feeling a bit of data overload.

In comes Pocket.


Pocket, formerly known as Read It Later, is a service that (surprisingly enough) acts like a pocket for your web articles. I’m an avid RSS user. Pocket serves as a middle-man/filter for my RSS feeds -> Evernote. While I scan my daily RSS feeds, if something catches my eye, I’ll add it to Pocket. Later, when I have more time, I’ll go back through all of my “pocketed” items and either delete, or save to Evernote with the article’s respective tags. This allows me to keep up on my RSS feeds while still archiving useful info on my own time.

Pocket also has a Chrome extension, so adding to Pocket is a simple button click.


As an added bonus, if you use Google Reader (RIP), you can pocket things directly from your list pages.


Do you use Pocket?